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Worried about your safety? Want to feel confident in any situation? Look no further! Veterans Breakthrough is thrilled to bring you a Women's Self-Defense Course!


🥋 Discover the Power of Female Self Defense! 💪


🔥 What you will learn:

- Simple and effective techniques to protect yourself

- How to use the environment to your advantage

- Strategies for staying calm under pressure

- Exercises to increase your strength and endurance

- Notions of mental and emotional self-defense


In addition, the course is:

✨ Conducted by me, a 5-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Black belt and experienced instructor

✨ Perfect for all ages and fitness levels

✨ A supportive and empowering environment


Invest in your security and confidence today! 🔒 Don't let fear control your life. Join us and discover the power you have!


 Limited spots available – Reserve yours now!


Remember, your safety is your number one priority. Let's face the world together! 

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